Praise for our second LP, Eight Belles

"Oh sure, you could call it straight Americana, but there’s a darker undercurrent at work here, like, think of the grooves on some of those old Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds records...Opening cut “Another Home Than This” cuts a murky path while the following two songs, “Darkness in Me” and “All It Takes’ show more of a path of classic country (Phillips vocals remind me a little of DAGGER favorite Caitlin Rose…with a touch of Neko Case, too). Elsewhere, “Some Young Fool” and “The Old Life” are both real understated, torchy corkers that are worth repeated listens. I hope this isn’t some occasional side project as these two need to make Eight Belles a full time concern." --Daggerzine

"You’ll find the sound of local heroes Eight Belles somewhere between Patsy Cline’s timeless ballads & Neko Case’s layered storytelling...The new record marks a departure from the strictly country sounds of their first album, Girls Underground, embracing ornate strings and more fictional narratives." --Do the Bay

"Evoking at once the classic richness of Patsy Cline, the sweeping emotional vocal twists of Neko Case, and the highly literate songwriting of Jenny Lewis or Iron & Wine‘s Sam Beam, this is a band to get to know." --SF Critic

"The duo has arranged an album brimming with intricately woven, almost earthy, folk music, and a variety of other styles and flavors, set against lyrics of a highly personal nature. The backup musicians really fill out the songs and the album as a whole." Indie Rock Cafe

Praise for our first single, "Darkness in Me": 

"There’s a theatrical quality lurking just under the surface of this easygoing acoustic tune: you can find it in the piano, the surging strings, and the little swells at the middle of the song. It pairs nicely with Jessi Phillips’ confident alto voice to create a surprising, compelling track." Independent Clauses

..And our album release show: 

"Eight Belles, with singer-songwriter Jessi Phillips holding the reins, used the evening to release their new self-titled record...Their new batch of America focused songs is out now with a mid-album tune (The Old Life) to set the tone that moves between shimmering piano and guitar folk to dark plugged-in country rock." --The Bay Bridged

Interviews/ Features: 

"Interview: Eight Belles, featuring crooning songstress Jessi Phillips" The Bay Bridged

"From the Horse's Mouth: Jessi Phillips of Eight Belles on Girls Underground" Ghettoblaster

"A Country Home for Jessi Phillips" feature story in East Bay Express

Praise for our last record, Girls Underground: 

"The record will appeal to listeners who appreciate strong vocals and gritty Americana, as well as heart wrenching lyrics coupled with catchy tunes. To sum it up – it’s hard not to like." The Bay Bridged

"Jessi Phillips of Eight Belles sings with the voice of an elegant song bird. “Nolchi,” off the self-released Girls Underground, talks about a love long ago with a capable sense of simple country-music know-how".  Magnet

"Fronted by the mesmerizing Jessi Phillips, Eight Belles play a darkly haunting yet melodic brand of Americana highlighted by Phillips’ pristine, soaring vocals. Comparisons could be drawn to Mindy Smith, Jolie Holland, or Blacklisted-era Neko Case, but Phillips and Eight Belles are gradually carving a spot on the Bay Area musical landscape that is entirely their own."  The Binge

"This beautiful country/folk/Americana record marks a major milestone in the life of Jessi Phillips, the band’s lead singer and songwriter. Two years after settling in the Bay Area, she gathered the material and the people together to complete an album that showcases her vivid story songs and a voice that simultaneously recalls Neko Case and Patsy Cline. When the jazz chops of her drummer, Shaun Lowecki, boil up to the top, it makes for an unforgettable combination with Phillips’ siren voice, the lock-step bass of Christian Carpenter, and the match-made-in-heaven lead guitar lines of Henry Nagle. And there’s boatloads of charm here too. Who doesn’t love charm?" Popdose